Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Podcast Episode 4 - Army Transitions in 6th

Long time no hear people!

Alas I was on holiday for a month in the US of A and the rest of the guys are not as well versed in the Tech Cult.

Our latest offering concerns how we see certain armies making the transition from 5th edition to 6th edition.

We have sorted out dedicated hosting now for our podcast and should now be available on iTunes although I am Mac illiterate.

We now have an RSS feed for the podcast too, please subscribe away!

Download link

00:00 - Introduction and information concerning the games club we play at: Heroes and Legends

02:30 - Tournament news concerning the UKGT and Mayhem Octoberfest

06:45 - Mech Grey Knights

28:10 - Dark Eldar

38:00 - Mech Guard

56:35 - Necrons

1:18:15 - Eldar

1:31:10 - Ignoring flyers theory

1:39:15 - Outro

Until next time be smooth! xx

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