Monday, 15 October 2012

Preparation for the Iron Fist

With the date for the Iron Fist Painting Challenge rapidly approaching, I thought it was time that I worked out some colour schemes and see how long the painting took*... So without further ado, I present my test cultist:

I think he came out pretty good, so I went ahead and timed myself doing a unit of 10, this is an hour and halfs worth of work (that includes the test cultist but excludes the ink drying time**)

I hope you all like my elite phone camera photography skills too!

So just a quick update today, there will be some Chaos Marine tests up later in the week... I have a feeling that may be a little harder than cultists!

*Remember SPEED painting, so nowhere near the standard of a certain somebodys dark mechanicus army...
**No thats not cheating...

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