Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dark Mechanicus in 6th (Destroyer Lord)

So I had the day off work and decided to get started on my destroyer lord. I wanted him to look like my wraiths as he is going in that unit and seeing how well Kaelarr and Luke did at the weekend with these units, I was really motivated to work on him. I even managed to finish him all today so posted him. I also decided to do step by step photos of him so anyone can see how I work. This is not by any means a fully blown tutorial but if anyone wants to ask how I did any of the bits not listed in this post I will do so in the future, or answer any comments below.

The Iron Fist Painting Challenge

This year I will be taking part in the first annual Iron Fist Painting Challenge. The aim is to paint a 1750 point 40k army in 48 hours. No breaks, no respite, no mercy! KR and Coat d'Arms have sponsored the event by provide paints for all and a lovely case for the winner. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges comprised of Golden Daemon winners and GW army painters - so the bar is pretty high!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tournament - The Relentless March of the Necrons

As Mike has already said  three of us from the blog attended The Aldershot Ardboyz tournament this weekend and I can say we had a blast. I will go through my list first of all before I talk about my games and results.

My list breaks down as follows;

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dark Eldar: The First Tourney

Dark Eldar: The First Tourney

So as I said in my previous blog I was travelling to Aldershot to take part in a small tourney there. Unfortunatly due to the organiser placing this the same weekend as games day it meant the numbers ended up relatively low. (15 people). I have to say though it is a great venue with plenty of space and good terrain and hopefully this tournament will continue to grow.

I was a bit naughty on two accounts. Firstly a number of my models were purely 3 colours (I feel ashamed!) Secondly in my previous blog I put up an army list. I made a few alterations to this after practise game 4 against Luke and helpful notes from Ken my Scottish protégé (maybe the student has become the master!). I removed the jet bikes and the sergeant on the wych units. With the points saved I added 3 units of true born in venoms. The list therefore looked like this…

Dark Mechanicus in 6th (Painting update)

So I have been doing a bit more painting and have now finished the 2 flyers. The second one is made in exactly the same way as the first but with a few different components. I have also finished off the bases. So I thought it was time I shared them with you.

Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 17 September 2012

6th Edition – Breaking the Mould

6th Edition – Breaking the Mould

Hello everyone today I’m gunna have a swift blog about the conservative nature of many a gamer. Let me explain…

As you may have read I’m a avid Dark Eldar Player. When 6th edition hit I couldn’t wait to plough into them again and do new things with my existing army. Problem was all the armies I was taking were in all intents are purposes the same as my previous attempt….. very similar to my 5th edition army.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Necrons Do you need allies? Or forever alone?

Ok so let’s analyse the most common reasons for having allies in your army.  In 6th ed there seems to be a number of reason you would like to take allies but I think 3 reasons at high level tournament play you would need allies, these are.
+ No flyers
++ No way to kill Flyers
+++ Crap holding units

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Art of Dark Eldar: The First Attempt

The Art of Dark Eldar: The first Attempt

So it’s time I better put an army up! The below list is my first attempt at an army list. It is the army I will possibly use for the upcoming Aldershot tournament. This first attempt is a pure dark Eldar army. The reason for this being that I wanna be trying out new Dark Eldar units and abilities. I’ve had a few games against Luke the Liabilities Necrons and I’ll tell you guys how it went below.

What allies will I use I hear you cry? Well for Brighton I was thinking Imperial guard but I’ll get to that at the next blog. For Mayhem I was going to go Eldar but again I’ll get to that on a later blog.

So without further ado I give to you my first attempt!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dark Mechanicus in 6th (Part 4 new flyer)

So I’ve been busy the last few weeks, work has been manic however I have still managed to produce a small amount of hobby to share.  Seeing as Kaelarr  has been ranting about flyers the last few weeks I felt inspired to rework my Dark Mechanicus flyers, so I will be talking about the construction and painting side of this today.
I wasn’t very happy with my original flyer shown a few weeks ago on here, it was missing something. So I set to work redesigning it to fit in better with the overall look of my army. I wanted to make it more daemon looking like my stalker (Greater Daemon of Nurgle). I found this a challenge until I remembered the blight drone from forge world, so I worked on an idea of a cross between that and a Hell blade to represent my Night Scythes.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Flyers - Who is King of the skies?

So after yesterdays rant about Night Scythes and their brokenness*, who does have the best flyer? There are loads out there, but for this article we will look at the best flyer for each of the races that has them.

Necrons - Doom Scythe - Holy S**t that's a nasty gun. This flyer is king of wrecking car parks. With a S10 AP1 line weapon, it will fly on and pump that bad boy through any closely packed targets it can. If that wasn't bad enough it gets a twin linked tesla destructor - arguably one of the best guns in the game. Its a little pricey at 175 points, plus your opponent is going to learn pretty

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nightscythes - 50 Shades of Grey.... area

So, Nightscythes. You either love them* or hate them** and on the surface of it they look like the best transport in the game. But if you delve deeper the transport rules for Nightscythes do not work in 6th edition and Ima tell you why...

First off, lets look at the mechanic for destroying a transport vehicle. First up, Wrecked. The unit must disembark and be within 3" then unit must take a pinning check. After the pinning test has been taken the vehicle becomes a wreck.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Death or Glory 40k Podcast Episode 3: Psychic Powers

After a slight absence we are back with podcast number 3! This week are are talking all about Psychic powers, filthy witches and the state of mind bullets in the great game of 40k.