Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tournament - The Relentless March of the Necrons

As Mike has already said  three of us from the blog attended The Aldershot Ardboyz tournament this weekend and I can say we had a blast. I will go through my list first of all before I talk about my games and results.

My list breaks down as follows;

HQ - Destroyer Lord, with Sempiternal Weave and Mindshackle Scarabs,
HQ - Necron Overlord with Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs. He has a Catacomb Command Barge with Gauss Cannon. He has a Royal Court of 4 Crypteks, One Harbinger of Destruction and 3 Harbingers of the Storm.

Troops - 5 Necron Warriors. Nightscythe.
Troops - 5 Necron Warriors. Nightscythe.
Troops - 5 Necron Warriors. Nightscythe.
Troops - 5 Necron Warriors.

Fast Attack - 5 Canoptek Wraiths
Fast Attack - 5 Canoptek Wraiths
Fast Attack - 6 Canoptek Scarab Bases

Heavy Support - Annihilation Barge
Heavy Support - Annihilation Barge
Heavy Support - Annihilation Barge

So the Destroyer Lord is always the Warlord and goes in a unit of wraiths. The harbingers of the Storm go into the Nightscythe warrior units, and the Harbinger of destruction goes into the foot warrior unit.

Onto Game 1. Tau, hammer and anvil deployment, purge the alien. You don't want to play Tau in hammer and anvil, they can set up miles away and have long range scary guns.In this game my warlord trait allowed my warlord and a unit he joins to outflank, which he duly did! This game came down to the Tau having 2 bad rounds of shooting and my Barge Lord passing all of his Jink saves. Turn 3 all my flyers were on and he was eating a wall of tesla fire from them and the barges. My opponent called the game in Turn 4. So a Win and 1750 vp's to me.

Game 2. Vs Andy Browns beautifully painted Ork army. Vanguard Strike, The Emperor's Will. Andy also had 3 flyers so I opted to have him go first so I could have the opportunity to shoot his down. This game went exactly to plan, my whole army concentrated on The Biker Warboss and Nobs, and they got put down by turn 2, my flyers came on and shot his down and the wraiths proceeded to eat the Boys. Win and 1750 vp's.

Game 3 vs Luke my DoG team mate. Dawn of War, Big guns never tire. We both rolled useless warlord traits and again I made my opponent go first to get first shot at his flyers. Again it all went to plan, I shot down a load of his wraiths and then there was a big wraith fight in the middle of the board. At the end there were 25 dead wraiths and one Destroyer Lord standing tall. Mine. He proceeded to mop up the rest of Lukes army with the Barge Lord. Win and yet another 1750 vp's.

Game 4 vs Sharan Reddy's tau with Eldar Allies. Dawn of War, The Scouring. Sharan deployed all his objectives on one half of the board so it was a more compact game. No useful warlord traits on either side but he had the big objectives in his deployment zone, bad times. I opted to go first and rushed him with both wraith units, scarabs and barge lord. The Tau had a valient try and stopping everything with misfortune cast on the wraith units. He killed one unit and knocked the Lords unit down to 1 wraith and 2 wounds off the lord. Turn 2 both lords charged the broadside unit with Eldrad and the Tau commander in it. Snapfire scored 1 wound on the Destroyer lord who died. Then came an epic duel where Eldrad passed his Mindshackle test 5 times in a row and killed the necron lord for 2 wounds in return. The necron lord got up twice and was cut down by eldrad twice more, while passing his mindshackle tests.... again.... The rest of the Tau army was Tesla'd out of existance and when the necron lord finally dropped so was Eldrad. All that was left at the end was a single Pathfinder, to live and tell the tale. Win and 1690 vp's.

Game 5 vs Mikes Dark Eldar. Hammer and Anvil, The Relic. Pretty straight forward game, could the dark eldar shoot me to bits before they came in range and got ripped apart by high strenth firepower. It was looking shakey for me at one point, but in the end the dark eldar crumbled. Win and 1750 vp's.

Game 6 vs Luke again. Vanguard Strike, Crusade. Going into this game I need 80 victory points to guarantee tournament victory. Usefull Warlord trait for me this time, warlord and his unit have Feel no Pain withing 3" of an objective. Again Luke goes first. Similar to game 3, apart from Lukes shooting was on fire. 4 rolls of a 6 with an annihilation barge thats snapfiring? Twice?! Ouch. My lord and his wraiths kill his lord and 2 units of wraiths before finally being killed by the third. Game ends turn 5 and Luke wins by 1 vp, first blood! Damn him! Loss 1100 vp's

So A good set of games. Pretty happy with the list, although the foot warrior unit and the scarabs may well be dumped. Ill playtest a bit and see. Myself and Luke played our game through to turn 7 which resulted in a win for me, so I'm not too unhappy losing that one. (winning the tournament also helped!).

Until next time...

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