Monday, 10 September 2012

The Art of Dark Eldar: The First Attempt

The Art of Dark Eldar: The first Attempt

So it’s time I better put an army up! The below list is my first attempt at an army list. It is the army I will possibly use for the upcoming Aldershot tournament. This first attempt is a pure dark Eldar army. The reason for this being that I wanna be trying out new Dark Eldar units and abilities. I’ve had a few games against Luke the Liabilities Necrons and I’ll tell you guys how it went below.

What allies will I use I hear you cry? Well for Brighton I was thinking Imperial guard but I’ll get to that at the next blog. For Mayhem I was going to go Eldar but again I’ll get to that on a later blog.

So without further ado I give to you my first attempt!

First Attempt

Baron Sathonyx

Haemonculus – Shatter Shard

3 Wracks – Venom

3 Wracks - Venom

3 Wracks - Venom

5 Wych’s – Hekatrix with PW, Haywire Grenades – Venom

5 Wych’s – Hekatrix with PW, Haywire Grenades - Venom

5 Wych’s – Hekatrix with PW, Haywire Grenades - Venom

Beast Master Unit – 5 Beastmasters – 10 Kymera – 5 Razorwing Flocks

8 Reavers – Arena Champion with PW, 2 Heat Lances

Ravager – Night Shields

Ravager – Night Shields


This army list is based on the same principles as my 5th ed army. 6 Venoms, one big hard combat unit.

The savings from the Hellions allow me to get my greedy mits upon a unit of reavers.

I’m relatively happy with how the list is looking and I’ll go through it all.

Baron Sathonyx and Beasts

Still a star and stealth gives that beast unit some survivability and his +1 to go first is still cheeky. The beast unit is a like for like replacement for the baron unit. Because they don’t need cover it gives the unit a greater freedom. I’m still looking at the unit make up but we shall see.

Haemonculus and Wracks and Venoms

As good as before, a shoe in for me really

Wych’s and Venoms

A tough choice for make-up. I didn’t want to go overboard really. I dropped the shardnets and agonisers as when a venom blows up its likely to take the unit with it and so I wanted a cheap unit in the tanks. I might rue the day I dropped the agonisers. However I have 30 points to play around with so as I play I may develop this further.


I thought long and hard at how I wanted to run these and came up with the run above. I may drop the power weapon on the leader, but the extra leadership seemed pretty important and challenges could turn a loss into a draw in combat. The Heat lances were a no brainer I think. We’ll see how they go.

The Heavy Support

2 Ravagers and a Void Raven is the way I’ll go. I didn’t wanna overburden myself with flyers as it would leave me no anti-tank turn 1 or 2. I wanted a flyer tho to A) try it out) and b) give me some anti-flyer. Ravagers are still essential as there cheap anti-tank (as rubbish as they are!) Voidraven over Razorwing for me, simply because I run mine not as anti-infantry but as anti-armour.

Game 1 and 2

Ill meld both games into 1 both were against Luke both games I lost. Luke was using Necrons with 18 wraiths a doom scythe and 2 lords on barges and a spatter of 5 man Necron units with destruction crypteks. In both games I lost the roll to go first and in both games the baron failed his first 2+ invulnerable save. Luke is a lucky gamer against me in anything other than tourney play where his dice seem to give up. The Wych’s have been very good in all the games I’ve played and here there was no exception blowing up Luke’s barges. The unit of the game were my beasts who Luke didn’t take seriously enough and as a result they chewed through 2 ½ wraith units before Luke breathed a sigh of relief with 3 wraiths and a wounded lord left. In the second game Luke exploited a mistake of mine jumping over the beast unit and charging the razorwing flocks with his command barge killing 4 bases (subsequently mashing the combat).

The reaver unit is one I’ve never used and as such I messed up with them instead of using the blade vanes to assault a unit of necrons I charged into a unit of wraiths and died like a fool I am. I’m looking forward to using them again to put that wrong right!

So what am I going to change? Nothing at the moment. I’ll go to Aldershot with this make up and see how it goes. I’m looking at trueborn to boost my anti-tank. Next time I’ll be looking at my GT Event list (which includes imperial guard and some cheeky imperial armour units) until then I bid you adieu!



  1. Looking at that list mate, I'd drop the Heatrix's, the arena champion and take the reavers down to 6.
    Wyches for me have no use other than haywiring armour, a unit of 5 in a venom is all I use now.
    The reavers I would run as 6 with 2 HL's, bladevane at every opportunity and then sneak in a couple of deadly HL shots on armour.

    Another problem I see is that you only have 24 troop models in the list. Even though wracks are hard by DE standards, a unit of 3 needs to hide to last any time at all, and I think 3 units is too many in the list. I've started going with 10 warriors in a splinter rack raider for troops along with wych units.

  2. Funnily enough Ken i have changed the list a bit since my last game, ill report on that after aldershot on monday!