Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dark Mechanicus in 6th (Destroyer Lord)

So I had the day off work and decided to get started on my destroyer lord. I wanted him to look like my wraiths as he is going in that unit and seeing how well Kaelarr and Luke did at the weekend with these units, I was really motivated to work on him. I even managed to finish him all today so posted him. I also decided to do step by step photos of him so anyone can see how I work. This is not by any means a fully blown tutorial but if anyone wants to ask how I did any of the bits not listed in this post I will do so in the future, or answer any comments below.


I started with converting the model and I used my trusty friend blue tac to see how it looks before starting with the green stuff and superglue. I tried a few options and in the end settled on a mixture of the 2 I tried.

When painting I decided to start on the rusty metal as this is the messiest part here is a 5 step guide to the metal.

1.)    Go over the metal areas with a rough coat of a dark grey mixed with boltgun metal.
2.)    Stipple on Scorched Brown over most of the model, follow with mixing in more Dark Flesh.
3.)    Stipple on Dark Flesh on its own then add in a small amount of Blazing Orange.
4.)    Use watered down Blazing orange to make some parts look really rusted, and then line the edges of the Mithril Silver.
5.)    If doing a chipped effect my quick way to do it is to overlay the paint colour you are using.(i will do a full tutorial on different ways to do chipping in the future.)

Sorry for all the old paint names but they are what I used on him.

After this I decided which bits I would do as the lighting effect and just base coated them.

Next I worked on the skin, This was quite simple I only used 2 colours here Hormagaunt Purple and Iyandan Darksun and just blended to start then highlighted the final edges.

The last part of painting on the model was the Object Light Source; this had to be done last as you over paint other parts when doing it. (Again I will do a full tutorial on how i do this soon.) I then use forge world weathering powders on small parts of the model to complete the rusting effect.

All that is left to do finally is the base and we have a finished Destroyer lord. Hope you like him he was allot of fun to work on.

See you next time.


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