Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chapter Master Army of Doom!

Right as per usual the glittery lights of a new codex have side tracked me, but unlike Eldar I refuse to do a Meta spam army. Us guys at Death or Glory are hopefully over the next couple of months going to each make a slightly ridiculous but competitive army to use at Tournaments, and this is my first attempt at a list. Those into your fluff, please look away now!!!!

So, without further ado below is the Chapter Master Army of DOOOOOOOOOM.

Iron Hands with Space Wolf Allies - 1850

Chapter Master - The Shield Eternal, Artificer Armour, Bike, Thunder Hammer - 250

Chapter Master - The Burning Blade, Artificer Armour, Bike - 225

5 Scouts - Camo Cloaks - 65

5 Scouts - Camo Cloaks - 65

5 Scouts - Camo Cloaks - 65

Stormraven Gunship - Hurricane Bolters, TL Multi Melta, TL Lascannon - 230

Stormraven Gunship - Hurricane Bolters, TL Multi Melta, TL Lascannon - 230

Wolf Lord - Runic Armour, Thunderwolf Mount, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Saga of the Bear - 260

Rune Priest - Bike, Rune Axe, Jaws and Lightning - 135

5 Grey Hunters - Flamer - 75

5 Thunderwolf Cavalry - 250

Soooo, the general idea is 9 thugs running around with a bit of air support. It is not a subtle list but I think it can stand up against the Meta.

The way I can see this list being run is everything except the 9 models go into reserve (yes that is half the units) with the Eternal Warrior Chapter Master up front with the other two big boys in base to base with him behind. He will share AP2 and 1 stuff with the Wolf Lord and off load most of the low AP shots onto the Burning Blade Chapter Master. With a 2+ save, 6+ FNP and 5+ it will not die, those guys are hard to take down.

This unit will be aggressive as possible and when a few tanks/ units are in range they split apart and kill as much as possible, while the Stormravens back them up. Turn 5, scouts drop out of the ravens and other troops if alive jump on objectives and the big unit contests as much as possible!

Now Iron Hands is perhaps not the best chapter tactic, but I have been reading some horus heresy stuff lately and have fallen a little bit in love with them.

So guys, please let me know what you think and how it can be improved!

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