Saturday, 7 September 2013

DoG Tournament Day 1 Update!

So the DoG tournament is finally here and round 1 has been and gone, highlights of the round include Dave Symcox (Daemons + IG) vs Pete Corp (Chaos) on the feature table, a resounding victory for Dave.

Ray Duggins' Screamer Council failed the grimoire on turn 1 and 2 (with Fateweaver re-roll) and Rob Madeley (Necrons) took no prisoners.

The battle of the fitties, Andy Humpries vs BJ Mason ended in a narrow victory to Andy, Tau vs Tau was always likely to be close.

Richard Fielder (Chaos + Daemons) played Joe Whiddet (GK) and gave him a good thumping, hence his happy appearance!

Pete posing whilst Dave considers his next move.

Luke (Eldar) was playing against Craig Clark (Orks + Necrons) and although feeling confident had a turn 6 loss, bless his cotton socks!

Shot from above the main gaming hall!

Anyhow, back to doing some hard work reffing/result writing!


Ru, Mike and honoray DoG ref Jim xx


  1. Looks like a good tornament, I hope this is the first of many so I could attend next time!

  2. It was an amazing weekend, 10 out of 10 gents.