Monday, 30 September 2013

Death or Glory Podcast Episode 22

So with all this kafuffle about a certain tournament, its time to also introduce our next podcast on the space marine codex!

Episode 22 has us making lists and insulting each others. Whose list will be the best and whose list will bomb? Will Chris Ashman's first attempt at a new codex list be any good?

You can listen to this on the usual channels both downloaded from itunes or streamed from here or out podcast website


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  1. Great podcast.

    All tau battle suits are immune to blind thanks to black sun filters, their vehicles can can get them too.

    The salamander rule doesn't affect the flamers on vehicles as the vehicles don't have chapter tactics.

    Interestingly the raven guard jump pack rules means they actually get hammer of wrath (more often than not you use your jump packs in the movement phase as it's more reliable). If you take that into account the trait means you actually get to use your hammer of wrath, have really good charge distance and re-roll to wound on hammer of wrath. A S4 hammer of wrath auto hit that re-rolls to wound is the statistically same as 3 extra S4 attacks against WS4-8 T4 models. Basically assault marines with 6 attacks a piece on the charge. Still it's a shame they are not affected by scout/stealth turn 1, it would have made them usable.

    Another thing is white scars don't have skilled rider, so if you put an IC with skilled rider in a unit of white scars they get +2 to their jink save. :D