Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Wonderful World of Fluff" Know your Foe, Pt1

Good Morrow and welcome to another instalment of WWoF!
I do apologise for the absence (once again) as my internet went down just over a week back and now I find myself talking to you from the mysterious and fairly 90s like world of an internet Cafe.
Today we will be talking about the greatest assest to your fluff outside of your own army. An assest in the form of your worst enemy...
So let us dive into the first part of the 'Know your foe' section, all about choosing your enemy.


So as you all know, the 40k world revolves around warfare, in fact the universe itself would not exist without it, but in spite of the fact that everybody seems to be at war with each other (unless of course you are blood angels and necrons, of course then you are fast friends...) almost everybody has an 'Archnemesis.' A character or an force that your army cannot stand, one that continues to puts cogs in your plans and one that your army would stop at nothing to destroy. For the Grey Knights it is Daemons, for the Adeptus Sororitas it would be heretics, for the Eldar it would be Slaanesh and so on and so forth.

Why does this mean so much?
Because it gives your army a purpose, beyond all else your army will have scars and trophies solely from the clashing of these two forces.
What is more it explains why your army is out there in space in the first place, why on earth (or terra) they would even leave thier home planet or solar system.
So how do we choose this nemesis?

So firstly let us look at some easy ways to find an army or character to... Hate...
The first and most simple way of finding your foe is to look no furthur than your favorite gaming partner! It may sound odd but even if the lad (or lass) is your best friend, if your armies are constantly clashing in combat, it is fair to say the are not likely to be buddies.
This may sound too simple but this makes the task of creating a narrative easy as pie.
For instance, next time you play a battle, make some extra time, create a battle report as you go, or even better create a campaign that you cold carry out over the course of a few weeks in which time you can play various different missions which you can mark down who fought who and who died over the course of time, if a character dies horribly, make him or her a matryr, if a character or unit lasts two games, give them a special rules for the remainder of the campaign such as hatred and create a narrative around thier triumph.
Each game as more people die and some people live, decide who the main characters are in each army, make them hate each other and pretty soon you have yourself a fairly strong narrative, but enough of that for now, more on that next time.

Secondly, a great and once again easy option when it comes to foes, would be our trusty allies table, because not only does it show who your army loves, likes or tolerates, it also shows who your army hates.
As simple or silly as it might sound, finding a way to hate these armies is likely to be easy, perhaps an old battle betwixt your army and an old foe or even just a marauding warband of Orks that killed the parents of your leader (as cliche as it is, it still work in about 10 percent of all fantasy movies made.)

The last easy way to find some army or in this case person to hate, is to not just find an army or race, but that one character who will stop at nothing to get in your way... that for some reason... neither you nor he (or she) can seem to kill no matter how many time you meet one another in battle.
Whether it be Commisar Yarrick and Ghagazul Thraka or some other nasty pair, there seems to always be a brilliant history of battles occuring between the two foes.
Make sure if you take this road that you create plenty of back story, weaponry, regular army use, tactics used and allies this enemy usually uses to give it a real boost of energy for your fluff.
Best to make a model for this too if I were you, gives you something to glare at when games get tough so you have a real reason to win.

But alas, time is almost up and I must write some emails before I leave this place, So I bid thee a due and I promise not too leave too much time before my next post, even if it does mean coming back to this interesting little place down the street.

Keep Fighting, Keep Fluffing things up...


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