Friday, 27 September 2013

Sisters of Battle (& Blood Angels) Digital Release

So by now most of you will know that Sisters of Battle (and Blood Angels) are due a digital codex release this month.

It's almost spooky how recently, I have been testing an Eldar army I'd like to try out at tournaments and BLAMO GW go ahead and release this news. It's like I can't stay away from these guys.

It wasn't freaky enough just having Sisters on their own, but Blood Angels too, which I ally Mephiston in with.

I'm not holding out for much new content for either army - In fact all I'm expecting is a new Warlord Trait table for the Sisters. If nothing else it will give the Saint something to roll for rather then just +1 cover save in ruins on Strategic.

Will they reshuffle the WD codex? I doubt it. I mean, the English used in the WD blurb goes along the lines of "Align the codex to 6th edition." To me that just says they're going to bring everything in to one place, give them a warlord trait table, and not change much in terms of points values or wargear etc.

But then again we can only hope :)

What this release does on the other hand is twofold.

1) Makes Sisters of Battle accessible to play for those that do not own an original of the WD rules. This can only be a good thing. Sisters are not a bad army at the moment (which I've been trying to prove for the last 6 months by the way!) and it would be fantastic to see them get some more love on the tournament scene.

2) Proves to me that GW are at least semi serious about SoB as an army. There has always been a lot of rumour mongering around Sisters being rolled into the GK or the Guard codex. Tied in with the fact that you'd have to remortgage 20% of your equity right now to go ahead and afford to buy a Sisters army from scratch -  You'd be forgiven for buying in to this rumour.

What does it mean for our future? Who knows. But hey, at least I can actually take a codex to a tournament now :)

Here's the link to the WD photo.

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