Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DoG Tournament Army Lists released! (yes, all 42 of them, heavily edited!) PLUS 1st round match ups!

Howdy once again ladies and gents, finally after much rage myself with the aid of Mike have trawled through all 42 army lists and rewritten them in a more easy to read format (some people really tested my patience with), so without further ado I present to you the 42 army lists being used this coming weekend at the inaugural Death or Glory Tournament!

DoG Tournament 42 lists PDF

This weekend there is an award for the most unusual BUT competitive list, the DoG team have voted and whilst we know the winner, who do you think qualifies for such a reward?

In other breaking news, there was an "issue" at a recent tournament concerning the wearing of vests, as such we would like as many people as possible to bring a vest for a silly picture at some point during the weekend, hopefully one of us can live up to the example set above!

GG and see you all at the weekend, Ru x

I hereby produce the first round match ups as per request from James "The Moaner" Taylor.

40. Rob M vs 15. Dave R
22. James M vs 39. Gary H
19. Al P vs 14. Alex R
10. Luke N vs 27. Craig C
12. James T vs 34. Stephan H
2. Dave R vs 28. Andrew E
17. Dave S vs 13. Pete C
9. Steve A vs 38. Frank M
1. Ian C vs 31. Nick H
8. Darran G vs 25. Chris A
35. Matt C vs 26. Rob W
6. Jon E vs 41. Jon C
4. Mike F vs 23. James F
37. Rob M vs 42. Ray D
32. Franco M vs 7. Mike B
21. Steve W vs 3. Alex R
11. Richard F vs 16. Joe W
33. Andy H vs 24. Benjamin M
36. Samuel G vs 30. Richard H
5. Robert R vs 18. Andrew W
20. Sean H vs 29. Lee Gayton-B

Any and all spelling mistake gripes can be directed to Mike :D x


  1. A lot of dirty lists! I am very proud of all of you, a terrible, filthy turn out. Shame on you all!

  2. Ouch, there are a lot of very nasty lists kicking about! Just how it should be!

    I'm guessing you picked the BA+SW pod list?

  3. That is a whole lot of dirtiness, really looking forwards to the weekend, should be awesome!

  4. I'm very happy to be representing the hobbyist element of the 40k community at the DOG event.

  5. Ray, you seem to have miss-spelt Hobby Reaper!!!

  6. Now... now. I've turned over a new leaf. Just read at least 90 pages of a Black Library book. Some shit about a bloke who lives in a box, a guy who smokes a lot and a voluptuous babe.