Saturday, 19 October 2013

Codex: Adepta Sororitas

"She was an angel, pure as righteous destruction. She laid low the twisted and lifted the Righteous. At her passing  a million voices cried out her name. Shall we ever again see her like?"
-Sister Patricia of the Order Famulous on the disappearance of Saint Celestine

So. What's new other than the name?

As sad a fact as it is, I set my alarm for 6am this morning, eagerly anticipating the new download.

There are mixed opinions as to the nature of this new update for the Sisters of Battle.I'm not going to be looking at whether or not I believe the new update is worth £19.99 price tag - I bought it because the new Sisters will be used at a tournament I'm attending next weekend.

In this section I will simply be listing the new army wide special rules and warlord traits. Our next podcast will be a discussion around the good, the bad and the ugly of the new Codex.

Acts of Faith

  • Now tested on Leadership. 
  • Can only be used on units that are entirely comprised of models with the Act of Faith or War Hymns  rule (new acts of faith for a priest locked in combat).
  • Acts of Faith are now one use only. They have specified this as the new Simulacrum Imperialis rules allows you to use your Act twice in the game for that unit. (Not an IC's)
  • Battle Sisters gain preferred enemy in shooting or either assault phase. 
  • Dominions get Ignore Cover.
  • Retributors keep Rending. 
  • Seraphim get Shred. 
  • Repentia get 3+ FNP.
  • Celestians gain furious charge.
  • Command Squad get Fleet, Crusader (extra run dice pick highest & sweep +d3) and Move Through Cover. 
  • Canoness gains hatred (re-roll failed to hit on first round of combat) 
  • Saint Celestine - Everyone but Sisters players will be glad to know that her Miraculous Intervention rule has been dumbed down. It now works as an act of faith and must be used the first time she dies. All other rules associated are the same.

Shield Of Fath
  • Continues to be a 6++ 
  • Also now grants the bearer the Adamantium Will special rule. (1+ to Deny the Witch)
  • Vehicles retain their Shield.
  • Can get 5++ from Warlord trait (Jacobus gets this one automatically)


If your warlord dies and has this special rule, all other units that are comprised fully of models with the Acts of Faith special rule automatically pass leadership tests on their next turn.

Warlord Traits

1. Walord has Fear

2. Walord & unit have 5+ Shield of Faith

3. Walords unit reroll failed Deny the Witch.

4. Warlord gains Rage.

5. All friendly models within 12" use the Warlords leadership when testing Acts of Faith or War Hymns unless theirs is higher.

6. All friendly models within 12" of the warlord gain Stubborn.

Comment below if you have any opinions on these changes!

That's all for now - Off to band practice. Will be posting list I am using for Mayhem tomorrow!


  1. Saint Celetsine's return ability was one thing going for the Sisters. It looks like they want to sell a bunch of Simulacrum imperialis models.

  2. You're right bud.It's interesting how you can basically tell which models GW have a surplus of.

    I'll take this as a positive though, as they may want to shift them as to start thinking about plastics instead!

  3. Ignores cover is nice. Shame about Celestine!

    Could you get the band to play at the next DoG tournament? Always thought a bit of music during games was a good idea!

  4. Not sure about availability to be honest, we're a pretty big deal

  5. I'd better leave it to Mike to get in touch with your agent then!