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Dark Eldar: Woking Weirdboyz

Dark Eldar: Woking Weirdboyz

Hello everyone welcome to this times editions sorry it’s a little late!

Woking weird boyz is held in a pub in central Woking. 28 people took arms and we fought tooth and nail above the pub for some snazzy trophies. Run by James French, he had lowered the points limit to 1650 pts to match the GT so people could use this as practice.

The List
This is gunna look familiar as it’s the same one I took to Brighton a few months ago. I took this to both tournaments.

Baron Sathonyx
3 Trueborn, 2 Splinter Cannon, Venom Extra Splinter Cannon, Grisly Trophies
5 Dark Eldar Warriors, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
Beast pack, 4 Beast masters, 10 Kymera, 4 Razorwing Flocks
Farseer, RoW
Night Spinner
Aegis/Quad gun

Pretty Standard for me now. When I finish the mayhem tournament in a few weeks’ time I’ll give the list an overhaul, until then I’ll stick with what’s working!

Game 1 – James Dade – Dark Eldar

My first Dark Eldar off of 6th Edition. James’ army was similar to mine except he had night shields on everything, no Beast Pack, No Eldar allies. Just lots of venoms and ravagers. No Wychs’ just plenty of blasters. The game was crusade vanguard strike and it was night fight first turn…. Yes I know pretty pointless to mention that considering we can both see in the dark.

There was a ginormous piece of LoS blocking terrain in the middle and basically that terrain piece alone won me the game. If we were fighting on a football field, my beast pack woulda been toast. 7 Venoms shooting at the only unit in my army that isn’t in a vehicle? Nasty….. However using the night spinner and beast pack I had control over the board and James was hemmed in a corner being slowly blaster by emerging Wych’s and ravagers who blew all his vehicles up.

Honourable mention goes to James’ Baron who was targeted by 2 ravagers, 5 venoms the beast pack and the trueborn firing the quad gun and they only died on the final units shooting. My Baron died to the first shot fired at him on turn 5… Luckily I had already won the game at that point.

It was a good game and I think James learnt a lot, not just from my army selection but from the terrain and how useful my splattering of Eldar allies was…

A Solid win and some solid victory points put me up against…

Game 2 – James Taylor – Chaos Daemons

My army is James worst nightmare. What use is a flying daemon prince when all you have is a 3+ save against venom fire? James might as well have been running 12 marines (3 Daemon Princes with wings and a 3+ save) and 2 Lords of Change.

James had to go first, and he won the roll putting his daemon princes on the front line and his 2 lord of changes were nicely hidden from me. It was hammer and anvil and scourging so I put my beast pack forward and put my venoms on the back line 48 inches away so I could shoot if I seized.

I seized the initiative….

After a lot of laughing from the surrounding tables, I killed 2 princes and took the final 1 to 1 wound. My shooting was a little restricted due to the range so I couldn’t bring the quad gun or the trueborn’s shooting to bear.

His turn he flew towards me and tried to do as much damage as possible. The gods however were truly against him as I resisted one shooting attack and his firing managed only to take down 1 venom…. And he didn’t even kill the crew.

My next turn I wiped out his remaining 3 monstrous creatures in a brutal showing of firepower and assault.

The game lasted 36 minutes…. I won btw!

Game 3 – Billy Harrington – Dark Angels

Billy was using an unusual Dark Angels mech list. Lots of 5 man units with a heavy weapon in a rhino. He also had 2 vindicators a razorback with vets in it and a dark angel’s devastator unit with a captain in it with a 2+ armour.

So mech heavy! Billy’s army I thought was very well thought out. And actually was quite scary for me.

Unfortunately for him I got fortune on my beast pack and went first. It was dawn of war and base swap and I charged directly at him. My shooting killed his devastator squad and captain and killed a single rhino and shook a vindicator.

Billy’s firing was limited due to night fight and some poor dice rolls. And essentially that was the game. Dark Eldar excel at night and with a fortuned beast pack everything was going to be difficult, it means target priority was a total ball ache as he had to kill the beast pack as it marauded towards him. However the Wych’s, venoms and ravagers also needed to be stopped as they were taking down units as quickly as the beast pack was.

This ended in a win and me almost tabling him. Honourable mention goes to a vindicator whose shot scattered a full 8 and killed 6 dark angels who were preparing to fire on my beasts…. When luck goes against you I guess!

So 3 wins out of 3. Unfortunately for me and for him, my 4th round opponent, Sidney Sidhu, couldn’t make game 1. After his own game 4 Billy offered to play me again, so I could play 4 games. Unfortunately there was only an hour or so left of the round so we wouldn’t have been able to finish. If you’re reading Billy thanks a lot for the offer though. I go to a tournament to play 5/6 games against people I wouldn’t normally. I didn’t like getting a bye but there was little I could do really. So onto game 5 with 4 (ish) wins under my belt to play…

Game 5 – Rob Waller – Tau/Eldar

Ah yes Mr Riptide as I now like to call him! Rob’s list was very similar to the one I had played against a few weeks back in Woking 1st founding tourney. Except he had no crisis suits (a good thing for me!)

We were playing Relic and I knew first blood was vital. Unfortunately for me we were playing hammer and anvil meaning it would be very hard indeed for me to actually get first blood even if I went first due to the range of his 3 riptides.

I went first, had a fortuned beast pack and the game was predictable. As Rob had left only his riptides and 1 unit of kroot (that promptly went to ground) I had to kill one of these, but at extreme range I could only get a few venoms and a ravager to bear on a riptide and I could only do 4 wounds. I killed a lot of kroot but they passed their panic check and I watched in dismay as rob got the first blood he needed.

There was not much left on either side, but Rob killed my venoms so his wraith knight could come on in peace. Neither of us got the Relic as the beast pack refused to let him but at the end of the game that was all I had left, to draw I need to kill Rob’s commander who refused to die even to 40 razor wing attacks. Rob won 2-1 which led me to play…

Game 6 – Rob Waller – Tau/Eldar

Rob again! This time his best mission against my worst…. Kill Points and he went first. No fortune this time though.

I had to table him this time to beat him, and I went second. So Rob got first blood and took a few vehicles. This game was an absolute bloodbath but I definitely needed to wipe him out to win. I got him down to 3 kroot, a commander on 2 wounds a riptide on 1, 2 jet bikes and a farseer on 2 wounds… but all I had left was the beast pack the farseer, the baron, 3 jet bikes and 5 dark eldar warriors.


So again my army faired well, Rob’s list will always do well against me on hammer and anvil and kill points, and unfortunately I got him on both!

Rob is a lovely guy and I didn’t mind playing him twice and good job for him on his first tourney win!

Next time I’ll be reviewing the GT Heat 2 and then after that probably Octoberfest. Then I’ll be back onto distrustful allies as the tournament season breaks for the winter! Have a good one people!

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