Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dark Eldar: Brighton GT Heat 2

Fresh from my good showing at woking weirdboyz, I approached the GT in good spirits and my dark elder working pretty well. So how did I do?

All levels of megh… but I’ll get onto that in a bit.

The GT took over from the GW run event a while ago and has been going on ever since. It copies GW in that it’s a heat to final form and we went to Heat 2 held in Brighton.

The List:

Same as last time but I’ll put it here for convenience

Baron Sathonyx
3 Trueborn, 2 Splinter Cannon, Venom Extra Splinter Cannon, Grisly Trophies
5 Dark Eldar Warriors, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon
Beast pack, 4 Beast masters, 10 Kymera, 4 Razorwing Flocks
Farseer, RoW
Night Spinner
Aegis/Quad gun

Game 1 – Matthew Willians – Daemons

So game 1 yielded to me a daemon army in the form of a screamer council. I went first and the guy I was playing didn’t get 4+ invulnerable save (on 11 rolls) and so unfortunately for him this meant good night. Not much more to say. End of turn 5 Fateweaver was flying around and that was that

Game 2 – Mike Foulks – Eldar

This game was highly frustrating as I made a mistake and as such drew a game I should’ve won. Mike sported jetbike council of 6 jetbikes and 2 farseers. Those farseers got fortune and invisibility. Basically meant unless I got em turn 1, they wernt gunna die. Mike also had 2 wave serpents with guardians and 2 wraithknights and a few vypers. Also I believe another couple of jetbike units but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

I went first and shot the bike council only succeeding in cause 2 wounds to a farseer and killing 2 bikes. Some appaling shooting by mike allowed me to destroy 1 serpent with wych’s and the other with lance shooting. And the wraith knights deepstruck down and then died horribly to venom fire. Mike had done a fair amount of damage to my army but I had control of the board (except that pesky seer council. So I jumped my bikes onto the relic and heres where I made my mistake. I forgot to move in the assault phase. This meant my jetbikes were out in the open rather than behind LoS Blocking terrain. The subsequently died and we drew the game.

Game 3 – Rob Buckley – Tau/Eldar

Rob had a standard Tau list (2 riptides/Broadsides/Batman Commander/ 2 hammer heads) and had them supported by a farseer and some jetbikes.

Rob deployed his skyshield and set up on top of it where as all my firepower was in range of this shield. A seize here would have done me over…. Instead in a display of firepower, I killed the commander the ethereal and 2 broadsides as well as the supporting 8 drones. In his next turn Rob targeted my beast pack doing a lot of damage and then targeted a ravager failing to kill it. In hindsight he should of ignored the beastpack and just gone for vehicles, instead I had the upper hand as my second round of shooting was just just as good as my first. I’d won the game at this point and only a deny the witch roll on one of his skyrays stopped me from taking them both out of the game turn 2. Another good win and a trip to table 2!

Game 4 – Craig Clark – Orks/Necrons

This is the first game of a pretty unlucky day for me. Craig’s list has generated a lot of interest and won the unique army award at Death or Glory and has now been reporterd on by 40k Global.

Craig has a ork army with 2 units of boyz in 2 battlewagons, a nob biker squad, 6 wraiths and a lord in command barge. Supporting that was a annialation barge and then 2 units of necron warriors (Objective takers!)

Fortunatly I’m pretty good against this list and going first although my first round of shooting wasn’t the best I destroyed all his vehicles turn 2 and I looked in command I had the beast pack bearing down on his home objective. His home objective was being shielded by his wraiths and so the beast pack charged. After 13 wounds the plan seemed to be going well until craig passed 12 of those saves and made the beast pack run away which effectively handed him a draw.

Game 5 – Luke Nurser - Eldar

My worst nightmare is to play elder serpent spam at kill points with hammer and anvil set up. Unfortunatly that was what faced me. Luke knew what he was doing and knew he had a massive advantage and when he got the first turn I knew I was doomed. Not much more to say here!

Game 6 – Tom Hutchings – Necrons/Tau

You know sometimes you get one of those games? A game where nothing you do is going to work out? This ladies and gentlemen was one of those games. Tom had a mix of Necron main with aniliation barges and flyers and a deep striking lord, with a Tau commander, Riptide and Skyray. A good army but I thought the Mix potentially made this a good match up for me.

I lost roll for deployment and got a side with very little in the way of cover and I went first and got seized against. I lost 5 vehicles in turn 1, in my turn 2 the beast pack failed a 4 inch charge, the beast pack (still full size at this point) charged a unit of immortals that had doom on and I had reroll to hit and I only did 1 wound. That’s the bits I remember. Every roll went for Tom and nothing went for me. Now this happens now and again in games where probability is involved and so I didn’t mind too much, my army hasn’t had this sorta game for a long long time so I was ok with it. I had already qualified and I wasn’t going for the tourney win and hey shit happens right?


The army worked well again but you need to have a bit of luck on your side to win a tournament and I definatly didn’t have that on day 2! The only error I made was in the game against Mike other than that I was pretty happy with the performance.

Next tournament tho I will probably change things up. Yes people it’s time for some desperate allies!

See you next time!


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