Thursday, 31 October 2013

No-one Suspects the....

Wow - We are really being treated by the GW Digital Edition guys.

They set a goal of reaching 5000 likes on their Facebook page and low and behold as promised, a sneak peak of the next digital codex and boy, this ones going to be a popular one!

Not much to report here other than the pretty picture and how excited I am about this release.

I haven't found much on the rumour mill but my hopes are that this codex will allow Inquisitors and their henchman/assassins to be fielded as allies for the Imperium's armies.

This will definitely give a new flavour to armies like Imperial Guard and especially the Adpeta Sororitas who are needing some love at the moment.

I just hope they haven't done away with the Jokearo...

I am definately a fan of the avenue GW are taking with these smaller Digi codex's. Allies is a perfect opportunity to release relatively low resource low cost publications that at the end of the day will add more variety to the tournament scene.

Just a waiting game before we see Genestealer Cult right? ...


  1. I'm very interested in this. If henchmen can be taken as troops without Coteaz and if they gain battle brother status with my IG or wolves, things will get very interesting indeed!

    I'm thinking a divination inquisitor, servo skulls and a psyocculum would be rather handy with my thudds/master of ordinance... 0:)

    It would be nice if they still allowed multiple special weapons and cheap psybolt razors, but that may be wishing a bit too much!

  2. And flying mc dreadknights?!?!

  3. I can live without those :-) I'm very reasonable like that!