Thursday, 17 October 2013

Death or Glory Episode 23

Welcome to Episode 23!

The guys tell us how well they did at the 2nd GT Heat


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  1. Hey guys. Congrats to Luke for the win!

    You've raised a few interesting points about the tournament that I'd like to pick up on.

    First is the painting - Totally agree that qualification through painting, if it's going to be included at all, should be declared at the end. It gives players facing a qualified army an easy win, skewing the standings. To be fair, the soft scores were published well in advance and were explicitly designed so everyone should get them with minimal effort.

    I honestly didn't pick up on the bad atmosphere you mentioned. Perhaps this was because I was getting close to qualifying but I had a great time overall (few blips, but that's to be expected). It is frustrating when people drop from day two though!

    I like using secondaries for standings but not game results, as it makes getting the first turn and first blood less important, meaning you both get more of a game. I'm not sure if you can ever stop mates helping each other out with points either way though. Suggestions on a post card!

    Anyway, it was good to see you and I'm looking forward to the finals.